Waterside House

Waterside was an extension for a house where we installed a hand-made local Elm kitchen 25 years earlier, and we were more than happy to return and install new fittings for this beautiful home.
In the intervening years after our first visit, we designed and built matching dresser units as well as bespoke tables and chairs. We were invited back for an exciting project, designing bespoke fittings for the bar and library of the house.

Our team has almost free reign on the design of the shapes and layouts of these pieces, which while a wonderful way to test our capabilities, isn’t an easy task starting with an open space.

We designed the bar with both fashion and function in mind, including bi-folding pocket doors that disappear completely from view when closed. The new extension also included built-in seating units as well as units for the coat room.

The next year, we started on one of our favourite projects for the house. The Whisky Room was the result of many, many, drawings and initial designs before the final image was created in SketchUp.

The space itself was very challenging, as it was in a turret, 2.2 metres in diameter. The room itself was previously the front entrance and was quite a cramped space to work in. We had to get creative and come up with a solution that looked fantastic and met our standards.

To ensure that the fitted furniture, made from natural Oak, was built to the exact size we actually recreated the space in our workshop. All of the components in this installation were curved and also radial, which made the project even more demanding. Luckily, Zak and Harry proved they were more than up to the challenge.

We incorporated provisions for the lighting by creating grooves and paths for the connecting cables, ensuring that the fittings were fully functional. Once the manufacturing was complete and fitted, the entire project was dismantled to be sprayed with a natural lacquer.

As soon as they were ready, all the components were taken to Waterside House and installation commenced. However, we soon got a frantic phone call from Andy as the units were slightly too big.We called in the cavalry, and Zak was sent in to help perfect the project, covering the existing skirting boards and fitting the furniture with 2 millimetres to spare! The customer was delighted with the finished product, and our whole team were very proud of the result.
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