Titan Dome

titan dome
The interior had to be designed for several modes of use and had to deliver both a stunning visual for guests and a functional space for staff.

The bar was always the centrepiece, and one requirement was to use circular tables around the perimeter to host individual groups. On other occasions when a larger group of guests were to be catered for involved moving the tables and creating a large circle with accessibility to both sides of the circle.

We constructed the top of the large circle using 25mm Birch Plywood, which interlocked using special connectors that would also allow for easy dismantling and storage. When designing bar spaces, we had to accommodate bottle fridges, ice buckets set into work surfaces and the Sonos sound system.

On top of the work surfaces, which were made of laminate, we built a custom tiered shelving unit, with a top that could accommodate a centrepiece. We also created a facility for the electronic till, as well as small drawers for ancillary items and a top unit made in sturdy 3-layer oak.

Once the manufacturing stage commenced, we had a very tight time frame for completion to work with. The team managed to pull it off and were even treated to a very nice evening in the dome with the owner and general manager. If you ever find yourself at Meldrum House Hotel, we highly recommend paying the Titan Dome a visit and sampling one of their whisky cocktails!
titan dome
Meldrum House Hotel is of great antiquity and a prominent part of Aberdeenshire's history, so naturally, we were excited to be brought on for this project. We were asked to create the Titan Dome, part of the hotels “dining with the stars” service and the largest of their domes.
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