Blueprints & Concepts

Showing concepts for completed and upcoming projects.
whisky room drawing

The Whisky Room Design

The design of this whisky room was evolved after many freehand scribbles, then constructed in Oak with curved doors made to shape in our vacuum press. The back panels were of a slate veneer.Each shelf has integrated lighting shining backwards at an angle to highlight the bottles, it is a very small space of 2130mm diameter.

Titan Bar Design

This drawing shows a central circular for the Titan Dome at Meldrum House Hotel, it is constructed using laminated materials with a marble appearance, the raised centre has electric power enhancing feature displays. Below there are tiered shelves to show the variety of drinks available. At more conventional worktop height, the largest surface is used for preparing drinks and cocktails and there is also a till position. There is space for 2 double width fridges. The radial table was designed with interlocking attachments to produce what looks like one continuous surface. The space between the circular bar and radial table allows diners to sit and the bar staff to move freelyWhen not required the table segments are removed and leaving small circular tables which can be positioned where required within the dome area.
titan bar drawing

Blueprints & Concepts

coffee unittv unitbarunder staircoffee unit
islandsink unitlibrary unitcoffee unitcoffee unit
deskbenchbarcoffee unitcoffee unit
gun benchbookshelfbarcoffee unitcoffee unit
lounge unitseatingbenchcoffee unit
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